Challenge for Growth

Welcome to the Lawrencetown Education Centre

Mission Statement

To provide a high school educational opportunity for students, who for a variety of reasons, are unable to achieve success in a traditional school environment and who have difficulty coping with the conventional structures, instructional methods and curriculum delivery methods of the traditional school setting.


To assist students in addressing their academic, social and emotional needs in a more individualized, flexible, non-threatening learning environment.

To provide students with educational programs and experiences to develop the necessary skills and confidence to make successful transitions back to their home school, to other educational opportunities, or possibly to the workplace.



News and Info


May 8th - Inservice Day: No School

May 22nd - Victoria Day: No School

May24-25 - Keji Trip

May 31  -  Highland Challenge


June 1-2  Fishing Trip

June 2  -  Inservice Day - No School

June 6  -  Bus Driver BBQ

June 7-9 -  Ovens Camp Trip

June 20-23  -  Exams

June 26  - Marking Day No School

June 27  - Marking Day No School

June 27  - Graduation & Closing @ 6:00pm

June 28  - Marking Day  No School

June 29  - New student interviews

June 30  - Last day of school - 1/2 day



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